This is not a cat blog, but …


… fraternal greetings to Mr Gato from a friend in sunny Soho.



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5 responses to “This is not a cat blog, but …

  1. Thanks! Love that shot –

    Cats and books. Wouldn’t keep house without them.

    I think this is the weekend we finish unpacking books from the move. We’ve unpacked everything but the books, and 40-some boxes await our attention.

  2. Well, I loved that shot of Mr Gato – and then was amused when Molasses did his best to replicate it!

    Good luck, anyway, with unpacking those 40-some boxes. Are you doing that thing where you fantasise about putting the books into some sort of rational order, which works perfectly for about three days, at which point you buy a few more books and it all goes completely wrong?

  3. Oh, I think we have some kind of complicated taxonomy in which books are filed on certain shelves by thematic classification.

    In other words, we don’t maintain the library as a library. 😉 Thank God. We can usually find what we’re looking for pretty quickly, and in the meantime we’re browsing our own shelves and getting reacquainted, albeit briefly, with old friends.

  4. Our books lie in heaps, as well as on shelves and pretty much other surface, ensuring a degree of vagueness about whether we actually own any particular book, let alone where it might be located. Those ‘ooh, I’ve always wanted to read that, and here’s my chance’ moments are to be cherished, though.

    Presumably you’ll also soon experience that strange exception to the normal laws of physics, whereby the books that more or less filled a smaller space somehow expand to fill a larger space, too?

    Books — like cats, they’re quite troublesome, but they have their compensations all the same.

    Meanwhile, I’m astonished that you’re already up to 90 degrees in Chapel Hill / Raleigh! In London we’re feeling quite smug, having had four or five consecutive days of sunshine ….

  5. And this is not a comment on anyone or anything, just amusing: