Summer is upon us, bringing with it school holidays, visits to various places, miscellaneous distractions galore. For this reason — as well as for the reason that, during the summer, most people quite reasonably have better things to do than sitting inside looking at the internet — blogging here is going to be light in the extreme until some point in early September.

For the moment, though, here are a couple of cheerful snaps of gravestones from the churches of the Glaven Valley in north Norfolk. The one above is from the churchyard of St. Margaret, Cley-next-the-Sea, while the one below is from St. Mary, Wiveton. The first I liked because of its, ahem, casually syncretic Christianity, as well as the good carving, while the second serves as a reminder of a time in which a life spent learning to be a capable millwright was clearly a source of some pride.

Enjoy the summer.


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